Note that a test will be given at the completion of each chapter, and unit, in religion class.  

Middle School homework will post in this space.

Saving for next year-  Community Service (For All Middle School Students)-   Community Service is an ongoing assignment.  It was due on May 13th.  ALL students were given the two-sided information and verification form the beginning of September.  Additional verification forms are available in the classroom.  This information is also posted on Google Classroom.  Keep up with your community service hours.  They are not excessive and you have 8 1/2 months to complete them.  Many of you will also exceed the requirements.  Sheets are due by Wednesday, May 13, 2020!  Grade 8, this also includes a five or more paragraph reflection essay (a rubric was given on 4/21).  Additional suggestions were sent out and posted on March 30th.  An update was also posted on April 7th.  The log sheet was posted on 10/29.  A list of community service hours (permission slips that I had) was posted on 5/10.  Note: community service hours begin in September once school begins.  The only exception is VBS that only runs in the summer (only if it is in-person).

Overdue work is always graded accordingly, per policy. 

The participation information at the bottom of the social studies page applies here as well.

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