All Middle School students should be reviewing USA information for ongoing geography assessments; as well as other continents as assigned.  Summer review is warranted as well.

Summer 2020 homework for incoming grade 7 & 8 students- study your geography skills with Seterra this summer

incoming Grade 7- Keep all USA maps and worksheets in your binder for next year!  Also keep hurricane and Constitution papers.

incoming Grade 8-  Keep this year's geography work (and last year's USA papers), hurricane papers, and Constitution papers in your binder.

Practice over the summer:  Geography Websites:

Congrats to 5 students who participated in the RI History Day competition virtually from 4/10-17.  They are Calista, Olivia, Claire F., Deirdra, & Logan.  Update:  We found out on 4/20 that Claire came in second in her category and will go on to the national competition in June!  Way to go, Claire!

Congrats to Alex Arnold!  Our GeoBee winner!!!  Read on below.

I am pleased to announce that Alex Arnold, grade 7, has reached the next milestone in the GeoBee competition.  As our school winner, he took an online exam that was submitted to the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC.  He recently found out that he passed that assessment.  However, due to the current health conditions around the USA, the GeoBee (state and national levels) has been cancelled for this year.  

Participation is an integral part of classwork.  When I am charting participation I inform the class at the beginning.  There are many ways to get a check mark next to your name for the class.  If we are reading passages a student can volunteer to read.  They can also answer questions about the current instruction or when there are review questions.  Also, adding information to someone else's answer is another way.  As the class progresses, I specifically say I am looking for so many more to show active participation and look at them directly to see if their hand is raised.  Sometimes I will carry over the charting to a second day.  Some days I do not use this method.  In any case, the students are fully informed and they know the options.  Calling out answers are unacceptable and are not counted toward appropriate participation.  During virtual learning at home, participation is still being charted; one grade at mid-trimester and one at the end of the trimester.  Participation includes submitting acceptable work on time, whether a Google Classroom doc or class comment.  It also includes attending Google Meet meetings and participating during them.  A reminder for full-class Google Meets are first sent the Thursday of the week prior, in the early morning Email, to students and parents.  These meetings are not optional and often align with assignments to be handed in afterwards.

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