Middle School supplies are listed at the bottom of this page!
Organization is KEY in Middle School.  Make sure you keep a neat and tidy binder using subject dividers.  The agenda is your tool to keep you on track.  Use it daily.  Notes in your social studies (geography and history) and religion sections should be reviewed and studied for upcoming assessments on an ongoing basis.  This is expected to happen DAILY.  I will not write "study notes" each day on the agenda board!

St. Rose is hosting a virtual book fair this summer!  All orders ship to your home.  Free shipping for orders over $25.


The Gala Dinner has been moved to next year.  It will be on May 14, 2021.

Re-registration is open.  And no price increase!

You may contact Mrs. Foggo at:  dmorettifoggo@saintroseschool.com

Middle School Supplies:  updated July 2020 for the first day of school in September...

For Homeroom:

paper towels


disinfecting wipes

bottle of hand sanitizer

General Supplies:

For Home AND School:


pencil top erasers

colored pencils

glue sticks



For School:


pencil zipper pouch

loose leaf paper 

500 index cards (3 x 5)

10 dividers


erasers (block)

dry erase marker

cloth/sock/eraser (for dry erase board)

5 book covers (stretchy cloth)  

Spanish/English dictionary

small manual pencil sharpener

pocket hand sanitizer 


One 3-inch binder (case it recommended, all subjects)    case it binder link

Two 1-inch binders (ELA (all grades), gr 6 science)

1 subject notebook (math)

1 subject notebook (music)

1 subject notebook (religion)- gr 6 only (gr 7 & 8 have it already- can reuse if in good shape, if not- buy 1)

1 subject notebook (science)

1 subject notebook (social studies)

1 subject notebook (Spanish) 

face mask (if necessary)

additions for art class:  

16 ct Crayola Washable Watercolor

4 oz Elmer's Glue-ALL 

(2) Ultra Fine Black Sharpies

(2) Fine Black Sharpies


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